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SARAH KLEIN- שרה קליין

sara klein שרה קליין דולה ומדריכת הכנה ללידה באר שבע

SARAH KLEIN- שרה קליין

מדריכת הכנה ללידה, דולה | באר שבע

I have a bachelor degree in music from Boston University and a master of music from the New England Conservatory. After completing these degrees I moved from the US to Israel in 1995 and played french horn for the Israel Sinfonietta for 13 years

I loved being an orchestra musician, but decided to become a doula after my own natural births; I really wanted to give that powerful and empowering experience to other women. So in 2006 I got certified by DONA International, and over the course of four years was involved in coaching and serving as a doula for over 50 births

Unfortunately, I had to put my doula practice on hold due to a very serious infection. I took off a full decade from all work. I had many, many surgeries. Thankfully, one of my last surgeries miraculously took care of my chronic pain problem, and I slowly started returning to my working life. I realized I needed to get recertified as a doula, so I joined Michlelet Laledet and got certified as a doula and birth prep coach

I am now happily re-starting my doula practice. I offer a rich and creative birth prep class – in Hebrew and/or English – and of course full doula services, including being on-call before the birth, and being there for you after the birth to offer crucial emotional support as well as practical guidance regarding everything from bathing to breastfeeding your newborn

My personal goal is to help women achieve their dreams in their births and to have the best, safest, and most rewarding possible birth experience

 !I look forward to meeting you and talking about your desires, dreams, and vision for your upcoming birth

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